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Keep track of who in your company has been given what laptop or other asset. Have people sign off and return the goods.

Businesses today rely heavily on Information technology for day-to-day operations. Some businesses are completely reliant on these systems and can come to a standstill if they fail. An IT asset management tool can help with this. Some of the benefits of this tool include:

1. Keep an Eye On Your IT

It is easier to keep an eye on your IT system with an asset management tool. You can maintain a purchase, service, and upgrade record in our tool so you know the status of every asset in the system. Businesses can monitor all critical software and hardware systems to ensure they’re always functional.

2. Deploying Software Programs and Updates Effectively

With an IT asset management tool, you can keep all software programs and related assets in a Definitive Media Library. Service professionals and IT experts can get the software from this library to install on new systems or to upgrade serviced systems. Maintaining a library is easier with an asset management tool.

3. Tracking and Managing Hardware

Like software, your hardware systems need to be upgraded and repaired regularly to maintain performance. Systems like servers, data banks, networking assets, peripherals, etc, all need monitoring. Our IT asset management tool can help.

4. Saving Money

Regular maintenance and increased security can help reduce maintenance expenses and ensure your IT system lasts longer between upgrades. If you have a clear idea of what kind of assets you own and where they stand, it is easier to come up with a maintenance or optimization plan.

5. Better Security

With our IT asset management tool, you can secure your IT system more effectively. Components are less likely to be stolen, misplaced, or lost if you know exactly where everything is. It is also easier to determine if a component is lost if there’s a clear record of all assets used by the company.

Why Choose Our IT Asset Management Tool?

Choosing the right asset management tool is essential if you want to make sure your system is reliable and delivers a consistent performance. Here’s a look at some reasons why we are the best choice:

Why Do You Need an IT Asset Management Tool?

Most businesses have assets like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, software programs, etc, and they share these assets with employees. Using an IT asset management tool makes it easier for business owners to track, assign, or recover these assets. An asset management program can also help you avoid downtime. Downtimes can cause significant losses, especially if your business relies heavily on IT. With a good IT asset management system, you can keep track of all maintenance records and spot issues early, which can help reduce the chances of breakdowns.

No creditcard required, no setup fees, cancel anytime
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