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Capture and manage prospects and leads, track sales, and manage your accounts.Forecast revenue with little effort and generate insights. Know what customers drive your sales.
This Customer relationship management (CRM) software can be integrated with Typeform,Calendly,Google,SurveyMonkey and many more

Let’s look at what our CRM tool will be able to do for you:

1. Capture Leads

Our CRM helps businesses capture leads in many different ways. You can use the data consolidated in a CRM program to identify the more valuable leads, display lead scores to the entire team, and ensure the most valuable leads are prioritized.  

2. Track Sales

Our CRM tools help businesses keep track of sales. You can see the purchase history of every customer in the database or track the sales record during a specific period. You can pull up every single sales record effortlessly. 

3. Manage Contacts

Our tool is an easily scrollable and searchable Rolodex of contacts. You can store all customer and associate contact information in the database, edit the details easily and pull up any information with a simple search. 

4. Generate Insights

Our CRM program provides detailed insights based on the customer’s engagement with your brand. All the insights are displayed on one dashboard so you can get a bird’s eye view as well as a detailed insight into customer behavior.

5. Automating Messages

We make it easier to automate messages and run personalized engagement campaigns. You can create drip campaigns and send personalized emails to specific target audiences. Personalization can help build brand loyalty.

Why We Think You Should Use Our CRM

There are many CRM tools available in the market today. It can be challenging for a person to choose one option. Here’s a look at some reasons why we recommend our CRM tool:

1. Capture and Manage Prospects 

Our tool allows customers to capture and manage prospects effectively. With our help, you can retain customers and build a strong base to keep your business ahead of the competition. 

2. Forecast 

Adjust your ad campaigns and sales strategies based on insightful forecasts from our CRM tool. The program will analyze all customer engagement and then provide a detailed forecast based on identifiable patterns. 

3. Compatible with Popular Third-Party Apps

Our CRM can integrate with popular third-party tools like Google Forms, Calendy, TypeForm, and more. You can easily draw important information from these different apps and organize them in our CRM tool. 

4. Live Search

CRM can store a lot of data so a good search feature is essential. Our live search option feature will fetch all the information you need to find. Pulling up specific customer details is a breeze. You can access everything from contact information to recent purchases. 

Our tool also provides keyboard shortcuts to make using the app easier. There are subtasks and notes, task backlog, task inbox, and other such useful features. Not only is our product affordable, but also forever free for up to 10 users!

Why Should You Use CRM?

Modern consumers value experience above everything. They’re more likely to remain loyal to a brand if they get good service, unique experiences, and personalized communication. CRM can help improve customer experience by a significant margin.

CRM programs are multi-layered tools that can help businesses engage, assist, and retain customers. If you use this tool correctly, you will encourage brand loyalty, build trust, and generate more leads. CRM is also a great way to get loyal customers to spend more through regular messaging. Customers don’t keep track of all the brands they interact with and can easily forget about you. Sending regular messages and newsletters ensures your brand remains at the forefront of their mind. 

CRM Makes Customer Engagement Easier 

A good CRM program offers a wide range of tools and data in one place. Business owners can get a quick snapshot of every customer just by clicking on their name. A powerful program can help you manage hundreds of customers effortlessly. You just need to choose a user-friendly and well-designed CRM tool to get the best results. 

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