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Track the different campaigns during the year when you want specific content to be published or different promotions to be setup

Run a robust content marketing campaign with a feature-rich content calendar. Let’s look at what our content calendar tool will be able to do for you:

1. Plan Your Content Strategy

Our content calendars can be used to plan an effective content strategy. You can schedule posts when your target audiences are most likely to read them, assign projects to writers, graphic designers, and editors, and do so much more.

2. Keep Track of All Assignments

Our tool makes it easier to keep track of all active campaigns and the people handling them. You can see the progress of every project clearly on a single dashboard. Keeping track of different assignments makes it easier to maintain consistency.

3. Get Automated Alerts and Reminders

If a project is nearing a deadline or has passed it, our tool can send out automatic reminders or alerts. Automated reminders ensure you don’t need to personally keep track of the projects and everything still gets done on time.

4. Streamline Your Campaign Management

With our content calendar, you can streamline the content marketing workflow. It is easier to keep track of different active campaigns, their engagement, and the data collected from the campaigns. Everything will be in one place.

5. Run Campaigns on Different Platforms Easily

Most modern businesses run content marketing campaigns on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, business blogs, guest posting websites, and more. Our tool can help you run campaigns on different platforms easily.

What Makes Our App Stand Out?

Why is our content calendar app the best choice for you? Here’s a look at some of its best characteristics:

  • Powerful and Feature-Rich – The program has many tools and features that can help you run a successful marketing campaign.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Keyboard shortcuts make every work easier and more efficient.
  • Live Search – Live search ensures you can pull up all the information you need quickly.
  • Task Inbox – You can add all incoming tasks to the inbox to ensure they are in one place, which makes it easier to assign individual tasks to team members.


The content calendar will also include a task backlog and options for subtasks and notes. Our tool is forever free for up to 10 users, which can be very beneficial for small business owners with a limited budget.

Why Do You Need a Content Calendar?

It can be difficult to retain customer attention in a competitive business environment. Customers can easily become distracted by new offers, interesting marketing campaigns, and social media trends. A robust and well-planned social media campaign is the only way to make sure customers continue to support your business.

A content calendar can help you plan a nuanced, customized, and effective content marketing campaign. You can schedule posts on different platforms, keep an eye on customer engagement, identify content that has the maximum impact, and utilize the data for future campaigns. Without a good content calendar tool, it is easy to lose track of your campaign, especially if you run it on multiple platforms.

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